WAEC 2020 Possible Civic Education Questions and Answers

1. Members of a society are expected to adhere to societal values for the following reasons except?

A. enhancement of development

B. Improvement of self dignity

C. reduction of social vices

D. relegation of morality

Correct Answer: Option D


-Importance of Values ​​in Society:

Help to progress;Individual values ​​help individuals to move toward perfection or as close as they can be to it. It is important that people constantly move forward in their lives. In this way it is possible that productivity is feasible and that achievements can be realized.

-Expand the identity of a society and culture; Values ​​have many social functions. Those values ​​that derive from common experience unite families, tribes, societies and nations.When values ​​are implemented, societal standards can be maintained. Values ​​are the fabric that creates culture; If people lie, cheat and steal, the culture of society will not be healthy.

-Change human behavior;The behavior of people can be changed through a system of values. Thanks to this, it is possible for people to change their behavior for the better. Values ​​are an effective way of correcting and reforming negative behaviors in individuals and in a society.

-Facilitate socialization; Values ​​are transferred and transmitted to children during their primary and secondary socialization. It is quite complicated to make an adult learn new values, that is why they are instilled in children.

2. An attribute of honesty is

A. tolerance

B. justice

C. compromise

D. liberty

Correct Answer: Option B


Honesty can be defined as the act of being truthful to yourself,others and being straightforward in whatever we do.Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct.

A more complete definition of honesty shows that an honest person doesn’t do things that are morally wrong. If something you do is breaking the law or if you have to hide what you are doing because you’ll get in trouble, you are probably not beinghonest. So honesty is about speaking and acting truthfully.

3. Discipline is describe as the

A. ability to show hospitality

B. state or quality of being brave

C. tendency to fight

D. ability to behave in a controlled manner

Correct Answer: Option D


Discipline;The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.

4. The saying ”ask for what you can do for your own country and not what your country can do for you” denotes that

A. The country owes you no obligation as a citizen

B. citizens have both constitutional rights and obligation

C. fundamental rights are to be safeguarded by the citizens

D. service and reward does not go together

Correct Answer: Option B


The qoute mean that, citizens should not only think about how the country can help them achieve their full potential or improve their lives. Instead, citizens should be an active member of society and help improve the country. The quote also speaks against waiting on someone else to come and do something for you, but rather for one to do what you can to make your own situation better, which helps our country progress.

5. In the contemporary society, youths can display nationalistic role by showing the following attitudes except

A. discouraging corrupt practices

B. exploiting the environment for the betterment of the people

C. contributing to the development of the society

D. showing indifference to national issues

Correct Answer: Option D


Indifference is a major problem in our society today. Indifference in this case is a state of lack of interest, concern, or sympathy towards national issues. If we want to be responsible for the changes that we would like to see in our communities, indifference and inaction can greatly thwart that duty and should be avoided.

6. The defence of the territorial integrity of a country by her people is part of?

A. political participation

B. political culture

C. self determination

D. duties and obligation

Correct Answer: Option D


The Duties and obligations; is something that a citizen is required to do, by law. Examples of duties/obligations are: obeying laws, paying taxes, defending the nation and serving on juries

7. An agency established by the federal government of Nigeria to protect rights of citizens is

A. center for human rights and development

B. human rights watch

C. legal aid council

D. human rights monitor

Correct Answer: Option A


center for human rights and development -was founded in 1999 to promote human rights and curtail human right abuse.

8. The universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) was adopted by?

A. Economic Communities of West African states (ECOWAS)

B. United Nations Organisation (UNO)

C. African Union (AU)

D. European Union (EU)

Correct Answer: Option B


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a historic document that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly at its third session on 10 December 1948 as Resolution 217 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France.

9. The best means through which individual rights can be safeguarded is

A. knowledge acquisition

B. judicial independence

C. press censorship

D. improved standard of living

Correct Answer: Option B


The independence of the Judicial serves as a safeguard for the rights and privileges provided by a constitution and prevents the executive and legislative encroachment upon those rights. this invariably serves as a foundation for the rule of law and democracy.

10. The effect of queing up in public places is?

A. orderliness

B. transparency

C. honesty

D. humility

Correct Answer: Option A


Orderliness is associated with other qualities such as cleanliness and diligence, and the desire for order and symmetry. It is generally considered to be a desirable quality. Obeying a queue in public places brings about orderliness.

11. A father that effectively discharge his duty towards children could be described as?

A. philanthropist

B. celebrity

C. responsible parent

D. permissive father

Correct Answer: Option C


A responsible parent is or one who is either a father, mother or guardian as the case maybe, who is responsible for the well being, education and care for a child while the child is a minor, or under the age of 18.

12. A program established to foster common ties among Nigerians is

A. Subsidy Re-investment Program (SURE-P)

B. Universal Basic Education (UBE)

C. Education Trust Fund (ETF)

D. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

Correct Answer: Option D


The National Youth Service Corps was established for the primary purpose of inculcating the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background.

Use the dialogue below to answer the following questions 13 to 15

13. Uche’s action based on the dialogue, can help in?

A. reducing road accident

B. increasing air pollution

C. encourage public transportation

D. ensuring vehicle’s functionality

Correct Answer: Option A


The following are some tips that can prevent road accidents:

-Keep your eyes on the road. When you are driving,

-Never use your cell phone.

-Never, ever drink and drive.

-Avoid construction areas.

-Follow speed limits.

-Follow the rules of the road.

-Ignore aggressive drivers.

-Perform engine maintenance regularly.

-Repair faulty car parts before using the car on the road.

14. An implication of Uche’s action from the dialogue is that he is?

A. afraid of federal road safety corps

B. considerate of other road users

C. afraid of civil defence corps

D. environmentally friendly

Correct Answer: Option B


One of the most effective ways of keeping yourself and other road users safe is to keep off the road when your car is faulty and require urgent maintenance just like Uche did.

15. From the dialogue, it could be implied that uche is mindful of?

A. driving school code

B. when to use public transport

C. traffic regulations

D. his obligations as a citizen

Correct Answer: Option C


Traffic regulations are the laws which govern traffic and regulate vehicles. These rules have been developed over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic and safety of road users and pedestrians.

16. Which of the following is not a skill for settling inter-communal conflict?

A. war

B. dialogue

C. mediation

D. arbitration

Correct Answer: Option A


war cannot be used to settle inter-communal dispute. It will rather cause destruction on the communities involved which will lead to huge damage and loss of lives and properties. War should always be avoided when there is crisis in a region because, there are no winners in a war.

17. One of the advantages of inter-communal relationship is that it ensures the?

A. existence of totalitarianism

B. domination of the minority by the majority

C. domination of the majority by the minority

D. enhancement of security

Correct Answer: Option D


An effective inter-communal relationship promotes peace and eradicates hostility. It encourages specialisation and stimulates development. In contrast,if there is crisis, the communities would experience a lot clashes resulting to loss of lives and property.

18. Which of the following skills negates the promotion of interpersonal relationship?

A. tolerance

B. selfishness

C. caring

D. kindness

Correct Answer: Option B


Selfishness is the the quality or state of being selfish and having lack of consideration for other people. This kind of attitude hinders inter-personal relationship.

19. Which of the following is not a common way by which people abuse drugs?

A. ingestion

A. injection

B. intrusion

C. inhalation

Correct Answer: Option B


Intrusion is an occasion when someone goes into a place or situation where they are not wanted or expected to be. It is not a way of abusing drugs

20. The establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) by the government was a measure to?

A. make drugs available to the masses

B. prevent drug abuse

C. encourage the use of drugs by the masses

D. support importation of drugs

Correct Answer: Option B


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was established in 1989 with the statutory responsibility to control and manage the growing menace of illicitdrug activities.

21. A common repercussion for drug abuse is?

A. medication

B. rehabilitation

C. brain drain

D. memory loss

Correct Answer: Option C


Drug abuse can have a serious, life-changing impact on your child: their physical and mental health is at stake. The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Although it may weigh less than 3 pounds, it some what mysteriously controls both your thoughts and the physiological processes that keep you alive. Drugs and alcohol change the way you feel by altering the chemicals that keep your brain working smoothly.

22. Which of the following is a way of preventing drug trafficking?

A. foreign scholarship

B. employment

C. motivation

D. indulging offenders

Correct Answer: Option B


Ways of Preventing Drug Trafficking

1.Job creation and employment of the youth.

2. Adequate enlightenment of the citizens about drug trafficking and its consequences.

3. Appropriate sanctioning for drug traffickers.

4. Authorities such as The police, immigration department and the national drug law enforcement agency

5. Poverty eradication measures must be properly put in place.

23. A major consequence of human trafficking is?

A. promotion of rural-urban drift

B. decline in literacy rate

C. increase rate of youth employment

D. increased exploitation of the ignorant

Correct Answer: Option D


Human trafficking is caused by various factors some of which include; Poverty, domestic turbulence, political unrest, natural disasters and more . Human trafficking is putting or keeping someone in an exploitative situation for profit. They are not free and they are exploited for profit over and over again. It is a serious crime.

24. Human trafficking results into all of the following except?

A. prostitution

B. migration

C. criminality

D. welfarism

Correct Answer: Option D

25. The group of individuals in the society that are most prone to human trafficking are?

A. women and children

B. youths women and men

C. men and vulnerable children

D. old and weak individuals

Correct Answer: Option A


Children and women trafficking victims, whether for labor, sex or organ trafficking, come from all backgrounds, include both boys and girls. They span a wide age range from 1 to 18 years old. Sex trafficking victims up to roughly 25 years old most often started as young as 14.

26. An enlightenment and awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS could?

A. lead to discrimination

B. create job opportunities

C. cause conflict

D. provide people with genuine information

Correct Answer: Option D


Increased awareness of safe practices to prevent HIV infection results in people being more careful and ultimately decreases infection rates. HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes help people become aware of the levels of care and treatment, whether they are living with HIV or caring for someone with this disease.

27. Which of the following is not a form of stigmatization

A. refusal to interact with family of an HIV patient

B. physical and verbal abuse of an HIV patient

C. ostracizing HIV patients

D. enlightening people living with HIV/AIDS

Correct Answer: Option D


Ways of reducing HIV stigma


Help institutions recognize stigma.

Address social stigma and the environment.

Respond to the needs of stigmatized populations.

Use the media to show that AIDS has a human face.

Involve people living with HIV in service delivery.

Engage the community.

Expand antiretroviral therapy

28. Testing of blood before tranfusion will really help to?

A. spread HIV

B. control HIV

C. eradicate HIV

D. prevent HIV

Correct Answer: Option D


Using screening to prevent transmission of the virus is a cost-effective way of ensuring sufficient supplies of safe blood. In most places in the world the risk of getting HIV from a blood transfusion is very low. All blood products must be tested for viruses such as HIV, and in most countries rigorous testing procedures are put in place.

Use the report below to answer questions 29 to 30

29. From the above report, which of the following is the major consequence of the intervention programme

A. increase in self reliance skills

B. promotion of inter-communal relationship

C. provision of infrastructural facilities

D. acceleration of national development

Correct Answer: Option A


The effect of the intervention programme is the skill acquisition. By engaging the youths in productive activities, they become self reliance and are kept busy from constituting public nuisance.

30. From the above report, a probable reason for the initial high crime rate in Aikara community was?

A. poor upbringing

B. corruption

C. abject poverty

D. greed

Correct Answer: Option C


Children who are exposed to extreme levels of poverty have difficulty with cognitive development, speech, and managing stress, which leads to adverse behavior. Where there’s poverty, there’s lack of education, joblessness, and poor health. The key to destroying the top effects of poverty is to attack the causes.

31. One of the functions of local govrernment is?

A. settlement of intra party crisis

B. making of bye laws

C. formulation of monetary policies

D. delimitation of constituencies

Correct Answer: Option B


Byelaws are local laws made by a local council under an enabling power contained in a public general act or a local act requiring something to be done or not done in a specified area. Local government make bye-laws in Nigeria

32. A body established and entrusted with power and authority to direct the affairs of the state is called?

A. federal executive council

B. state legislative council

C. trusteeship

D. government

Correct Answer: Option D


A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state

33. Which of the following concepts can guarantee adherence to the rule of law

A. political immunity

B. political gerrymandering

C. national development

D. representative democracy

Correct Answer: Option D


Representative democracy is a type of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. There is usually seperation of power in a representative democracy and the rule of law is upheld as every elected official act within their office power.

34. According to the 1999 constitution, sovereignty resides in the?

A. command in charge of the armed forces

B. people who confer legitimacy on elected leaders

C. national assembly which has power to make laws and amend the constitution

D. military which can declare any law, null and of no effect

Correct Answer: Option B


The electorates confer legitimacy on the government which in turns make its decisions acceptable to the electorate.

35. In a democratic government, franchise is given to all

A. party members

B. resident adults

C. adult citizens

D. opinion leaders

Correct Answer: Option C


simply franchise is the right for all qualified adult citizens to vote in an election for their individual political parties.

36. A significant companion of the rule of law is the

A. fusion of legislative and executive functions

B. supremacy of the ordinary law

C. adoption of one party system

D. enforcement of law by the legislature

Correct Answer: Option B


In its simplest form, the rule of law means that “no one is above the law.” It is the foundation for the development of peaceful, equitable and prosperous societies.

37. Operation of the rule of law could be undermined by?

A. existence of civil society groups

B. existence of free press

C. establishment of administrative tribunal

D. encouragement of effective opposition

Correct Answer: Option C

use the dialogue below to answer the question 38 and 39

38. The above dialogue shows that democracy could result into?

A. inefficiency

B. corruption

C. absolute liberty

D. high cost of governance

Correct Answer: Option D

39. It could be inferred from the dialogue that democracy encourages

A. tolerance

B. development

C. job creation

D. delegated legislature

Correct Answer: Option A

40. The most suitable type of democracy for a small village or community is

A. constitutional democracy

B. indirect democracy

C. communal democracy

D. direct democracy

Correct Answer: Option D


Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. Direct democracy is where each and every person eligible to vote in a given jurisdiction may vote on every piece of legislation proposed. There are no councils or representatives or any other intermediary between the people and the legislation.

41. Which of the following is not a major reason for political apathy

A. political violence

B. unfulfilled political promises

C. bad governance

D. cross carpeting phenomenon

Correct Answer: Option D


Most people who are indifferent towards a government and its affairs, do so in most cases due to Lack of trust in governance. When the government fails to provide good leadership and governance for the country, the level of apathy to

42. The chapter IV of the 1999 constitution is about?

A. composition of the national assembly

B. fundamental human rights

C. procedures for the impeachment of the president

D. information of quorum in the senate

Correct Answer: Option B


Chapter IV (4) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 contains the fundamental human rights.

43. Which of the following may prevent a citizen from voting in a general election.

A. lack of stable income

B. high cost of living

C. non registration

D. political neutrality

Correct Answer: Option C


with the current electoral voting system, those who do not register and collect their permanent voters card (PVC) before the deadline of collection, are ineligible to vote in any election in Nigeria.

44. An organized group that is independent of the state could be described as?

A. civil defence

B. pressure group

C. community group

D. civil society

Correct Answer: Option B


Pressure group is – an interest group organized to influence public and especially government policy but not to elect candidates to office. They are independent of the influence of the state.

45. The smooth operation of the public service in Nigeria is being hampered by

A. debt burden

B. adequate training

C. privatization

D. bribery and corruption

Correct Answer: Option D


Bribery is seen as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.

Corruption – is any unlawful or improper behaviour that seeks to gain an advantage through illegitimate means.

46. The public service can perform all these function except

A. advice government on policy formulation

B. keeping of government records

C. provision of social services

D. budget approval for implementation

Correct Answer: Option D


The approval and implementation of the budget is a function of the legislative and executive arm of government

47. The highest class in the public service is the?

A. clerical

B. manipulative

C. technical

D. administrative

Correct Answer: Option D


The administrative class is the highest hierachy in the public service. This comprises of the most senior civil servants who organize and coordinate the activities of the service.

Use the cartoon in figure 1 to answer questions 48 to 50

48. The cartoon in figure 1 is an evidence that cultism is

A. violent in nature

B. terrorist in nature

C. martial in nature

D. militant in nature

Correct Answer: Option A

49. What does the boy in figure 1 need the bullet proof vest for?

A. demonstration

B. protection

C. battle

D. vengeance

Correct Answer: Option B

50. It could be inferred from the cartoon in figure 1 that the activities of cult groups on campus may not be reduced by

A. religious instruction

B. campaign against cultism

C. relevant legislation

D. bullet proof vest

Correct Answer: Option D

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