Strike Update: FG Slams ASUU for Using UTAS As Criteria to End Strike

ASUU has been reproached for giving “nonsensical” condition as an essential for finishing strike

Ministry of Education’s representative, Ben Goong, said the interest of the body is crazy

Goong said the body can’t direct how its individuals ought to be paid by the national government.

The Academic Staff Union of the Universities (ASUU) has gone under assault as the government depicted the condition set by the body before it can end its strike as “nonsensical.”

It would be reviewed that ASUU said it would end the strike activity after its local University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) has breezed through the central government’s trustworthiness assessment.

Talking in a meeting with The Punch, the affiliation’s public chief and president, Professor Bidoun Ogunyemi, gave the confirmation with questions springing up on when the teachers will continue back to homerooms.

This is the point at which we’ll end strike – ASUU raises understudies’ expectation after concurrence with FG

ASUU was relied upon to cancel its strike and order speakers to continue back to address rooms on Wednesday, October 21, after the arrangement.

Goment state Academic Staff Union of University ‘dia requests dey outlandish

Service of Education’s representative Ben Goong said the interest of the body is crazy. Credit: BBC Pidgin

Yet, Okeowo said UTAS, which is an installment framework created by ASUU instead of the dubious Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), is as yet experiencing an honesty test took care of by NITDA.

Responding to Okeowo’s announcement, representative for the Ministry of Education, Ben Goong, said ASUU’s interest is strange on the grounds that they can’t decide how they ought to be paid by their managers which is the central government.

“I don’t know whether you know the number of gatherings, associations and affiliations accepting a compensation from the government account. Along these lines, if everyone is doing their own foundation, envision the number of installment stages government should manage it.”

Then, ASUU has raised a caution over what the body named as an intentional endeavor to strangulate government funded training in Nigeria.

This is when ASUU will cancel strike – Good news develops as body, FG at last concur

Talking during a Town and Gown meeting at the African Hall in the University of Ilorin, Kwara state, ASUU president Ogunyemi said the speakers’ body is being disregarded by the government on the grounds that “there were plans to make training unavailable to poor people.”

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