Strike Update: Nigerian Students Awaits Goodnews From ASUU/FG November 2nd Meetings

Our Educational system was moving smoothly and progressively, not until; we experience a decline due to the hit of the Corona virus pandamic that shook the whole world economical system and education inclusively.

From then henceforth, we experienced a crash from the primary to the tertiary institutions, every sector of the economy was greatly affected and measures set by government to revive the economy seems effortless and unfruitful. Although the economy is fragile, the federal government has strategize measures through provision of empowerment programmes to enable efficient circular cash flow in the economy to enable small businesses and households to grow to stability.

primary, secondary and some state Universities has partially resumed taking into considerations covid19 prevention measures like frequent hand washing, use of nose mask and maintaining physical distancing in the Educational framework; that’s the school, lecture halls and playgrounds to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures has impede efficient dissemination of knowledge in the Educational sector.

Has Federal Universities across the country awaits resumption due to the ungoing ASUU strike,that has lasted for more than 6 months. The federal government through the ministry of education, is holding meetings for negotiation with the union to enable students return to classes to conclude and continue their academic activities. The last meeting dated Wednesday 28th October,2020 was adjoined to this day Monday, 2nd November,2020; which will certainly end with success and Goodnews for all the federal universities students.

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