UNIABUJA Announces Resumption Date, Academic Calendar


In 2020, University of Abuja academic staff received external research grants to the tune of about N704 million.

Also in 2020, the University received an infrastructure grant from Tetfund of N5 Billion to construct a new Senate Building, an International Conference Centre and road and landscaping and part of our fencing. The UofA also now has Abuja Leadership Centre which is a Tetfund Centre of Excellence in Public Governance and Leadership, with an initial N1 Billion grant.

Also in the same 2020, the Federal Government of Nigeria released N1 Billion to the University of Abuja for fencing of our campus, and the Federal Executive Council in its most recent meeting approved the fencing contract for the University of Abuja for that amount. These are only very few of those great stories that our University brought forward to 2021 from 2020!

The University of Abuja is also the first Federal University in 2020 to develop a Virtual Classroom system, and through a pilot program, has been teaching classes since April/May 2020 to close to 5, 000 students on it. My dear great UofA, it is incumbent on our University NOT to lose this advantage of being the first in this endeavor. The truth is that the UofA of Nigeria is fully ready to help and assist any Nigerian university that needs our guidance in developing their own virtual classroom system!

VAM News learnt that the University Senate on December 30, 2020, unanimously approved a revised Calendar for the remaining of 2019/2020 Academic Year, and also revised 2020/2021 calendar.

The Senate fixed a tentative date for resumption of classes with the hope that Coronavirus pandemic would ease and the Federal Government would direct the reopening of the University.

Here, see below the revised calendar for the remaining part of 2019-2020 Academic Session obtained by VOICE AIR MEDIA:



2019/2020 SESSION (Revised Calendar)

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, the 2019/2020 academic session which started normally had to be abandoned for lockdown and eventual ASUU strike. This calendar provides an opportunity to complete the academic year and also catch up on the 2020/2021 Academic Year.



First Semester, 2019/2020

Friday 20th December, 2019 – Student Registration online begins

Monday 13th January, 2020 – Classes begin

Thursday – Friday, January 16-17, 2020 – New Student Orientation

Monday 20th January, 2020 – STUDENTS REGISTRATION ENDS

Saturday 22nd February, 2020 – 2019/2020 Convocation Ceremony

Thursday – Friday 5th-6th March, 2020 – Mid-Term Break

Monday 9th to Wednesday 13th March 2020 – Add and Drop


January 4, 2021 to January 29, 2021: Academic Staff to explore virtual classroom teaching

February 1, 2020: Physical Classes resume, Arrangements to observe COVID 19 Regulations and Announcements by the Federal Government

February 12, 2021: 2019/2020 First Semesters Classes End

February 15, 2021 to February 26, 2021; Final Examination, First Semester, 2019/2020 Session

Monday March 22, 2021: All First Semester Grades Uploaded and submitted to the HODs by 12 noon.

Tuesday March 23, 2021: Faculty Boards’ Meeting to Approve Grades by 4.00PM

Thursday March 25, 2021: SBC meeting on Grades by 10.00AM

Monday March 29, 2021: Senate Meeting to Approve Grades by 10 am

Tuesday March 30, 2021: Electronic Release of First Semester’s GRADES, 12 noon

Second Semester, 2019/2020

Monday March 1, 2021: 2019/2020 Second Semester 2019/20 Classes begin

Monday March 1, 2021: Add and Drop Begins

March 16, 2021: Add and Drop Ends

Friday May 7, 2021: Second Semester 2019/20 Classes End

Monday 10th to Saturday 22 May 2021: Final Examinations

Wednesday May 26, 2021: Second Semester Final Grades Upload and Submitted to HOD by 12 noon

Thursday May 27, 2021: Faculty Boards’ Meeting to Approve Grades by 4.00PM

Saturday May 29, 2021: SBC Meeting on Grades by 10 am

Tuesday June 1, 2021: Senate Meeting to approve grades

Wednesday June 2, 2021: Electronic Release of Final GRADES to students by 12 noon

Saturday July 12, 2021: 2019/2020 Convocation Ceremony.



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