A Tribute To My Grand Father


A tribute to my grandfather
No.12 Frank Avenue,
Suleja, Niger state,
World of the living,
4th April, 2010.

To an unknown destination,
The spirit world,

• He who declares war at the spill of oil.
• Now, begs for peace at the spill of blood
• He who sees the coming of a distant owl
• Now, can only use his snuff with the aid of his google
• He who speaks like a roaring lion

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There Might Be No Nigeria In the Next 700 years to Come

no nigeria
no nigeria


Good day to you most valued amakvitaa reader, please beware that this blog/post is based on assumption from the fact that nature presents now.
There are possibilities to some extent that in the next 700years or more, Nigeria will be no more.
We all know that Nigeria as a large country is bounded in the north by the fast approaching Sahara desert( 6% yearly), and in the south by the fast moving Atlantic oceans , so lets give you some

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